Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finding Your Reasons

The first and arguably most important step of the plan I follow is to make certain you have a very solid reason for playing along. While true for so many things in life, when it comes to financial planning, this is major item. Think about it, unless your bills are on auto-pay, you see them only a few times a month. If they're on auto-pay you might not even look at them unless something seems off. Most people have direct deposit of their pay, and thus don't see the pay check each pay period, so unless there is a serious and persistent reason, it's easy to loose sight of the target.

Keeping focus for your efforts is a requirement, but at the same time can be a struggle for many. After all we're all busy people, and even if we're in between jobs right now, it's not like we're sitting around micromanaging our finances. So the question becomes how to keep focus, while at the same time living our lives.

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